Posted by: Long Huynh | April 27, 2009

100 Days to a Better CIO Assistant Blog

Today’s post doesn’t fit into the regular CIO Assistant stream. It’s about my personal experience in a blog building project called 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB) from ProBlogger (Darren Rowse). While many of you have no interest to read about blogging in general and my blogging experience in particular, the key message I would like to share is that this project is of no difference than any of the IT projects that you encountered day in day out in your business. There are some principles, approaches and lessons learned here that could be applied to your situation as well.

Let me begin with some context. I first said Hello World! on this blog more than 3 weeks ago. At practically the same time, ProBlogger launched his 31DBBB project. Talk about serendipity. At first, I had no specific objectives other than to build a nice blog, with a group of nice readers (i.e. birds of a CIO feather) faithfully following my posts with no obligations from either end. The title of the 31DBBB project made me comfortable in getting aboard: just 31 days, a period too short to have any serious harms done if I goofed off, in adition to a feel-good “better blog”. Hey, practically anything would make my blog better since it has nothing here that could get worse: a few posts, insignificant page views, no subscribed readers. So for the first 2 weeks, I follow ProBlogger’s 31-day plan to learn the (blogging) rope but not religiously. Then on day 15, I was asked to “find a blogging buddy”. Such search brought me to Christiaan Hillen’s Mind the Beginner and his 16-point plan called 3 months to a successful blog. I realized then that I didn’t follow my own advice for the start of any project: Clarify intents and expectations. This is Step 1 in a 10-step action plan that I will write about as I progress through the 31DBBB project, or rather MY project based upon this one from ProBlogger. My project would be called the “100 days to a better CIO Assistant blog“. Yes, it would take more than 31 days. Yes, it would make better my blog , not any one else. And yes, I need to define what “better” mean to me.

Now, just a side note on the 100-day notion. Similar to the Rule of 3, this is another important keystone. I believe, and my experiences have proven it time and time again, that significant or meaningful results could be realized in 100 days. Not just as a phase since with a phased approach, you may get nothing worthwhile if the project gets canned before completion. Not just a boxed-in period of time since with a time-boxed approach, the only guaranteed outcome is that you have used up all the resources. More of a mission with clear targets and measurable outcomes. Even if the undertaking is large and complex, there is always possible to break it into slices of 100 days and the first slice (of 100 days) is always the crucial one.

Stay tuned for the 100-day Plan … and of course, the 10 steps to success.



  1. Hi Long,

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your plan and what your exact goals will be. If I can help anywhere do let me know.


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