Posted by: Long Huynh | April 28, 2009

10 Steps to a Successful Blogging Project

In a previous post, I have shared with you my participation in ProBlogger‘s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (31DBBB) project and how I have had a belated awakening that this is also MY Better Blog project and I should take control of it and execute it the way that I know, i.e. via a 100-day mission-style project. This post is the introduction piece to a 3-part series that will document my activities and thought process through this short journey. Part 1 will be posted tomorrow since I am already past the due date, Part 2 will start soon and of course, you will need to wait for the end of the project for Part 3.

There is nothing magic or fanciful about breaking the project into 3 parts. That’s my habit (see The Rule of 3), but it also fits the natural 3 stages of Initiation – Execution and Conclusion. Viewed through the lens of a 3-stage project, the 100 days would then be broken down into a 15-70-15 ratio.

In the Initiation stage, I would have performed 2 steps:

1. Clarify intents and expectations

2. Set goals, objectives and success factors

followed by 6 more in the Execution stage:

3. Collect data and intelligence

4. Assess situations and gaps

5. Build the team

6. Form a coalition

7. Secure early wins

8. Align and adjust

and wrapped up in the Conclusion phase with 2 more steps:

9. Consolidate successes

10. Make it stick

As a sneak preview of what’s in stock, I would suggest that you picture these 10 steps as those of a ballroom dance performance where the couple would make a flourishing entrance with Steps 1 and 2, then repeat Steps 3 through 8 in a defined pattern yet with increasing intensity and intricacies before the finale.



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