About This Blog

The CIO Assistant is a blog about the trials and tribulations of IT Leaders in their quest to become an equal partner in the executive suite as other traditional CxOs. The CIO is one of the most misundertood, misinterpreted and mismatched jobs in the organization and also one with the shortest tenure. What does it take for the CIO to survive in the turmoil of business? How can a CIO bridge the gap between expectation and reality in order to make a difference? These are the types of questions pondered in this blog. I trust that you will find something interesting, even useful here to help you optimize, align and grow as an IT Leader.


About Me

  My name is Long Huynh. I am an IT Executive Advisor providing a wide range of services to all levels of management, including CEO/COO/CFO/CIOs. I have over 35 years of experience in Business Technology, more that two third of them in managerial and leadership positions. I have risen from the Technology side, first as a DBA, then as a MIS manager/director. Even in those earlier days, I have always worked closely with Marketing and Finance supporting all kinds of corporate strategies: competitive positioning, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions. I also have had my own consulting company and participated in two partnerships, thus no stranger to the Business side as well.

I am one of those hard-to-label persons because I zigged and zagged across many corporate functions, from Product Development, Marketing & Sales, Service Delivery & Management to Planning & Performance and Compliance, Quality & Risk Managment, depending on the perceived need of the time. At each turn, it was usually a newly created position that either did not exist before or was a combination of several existing ones. As such, I have earned the reputation of a pathfinder and the distinction of never have to fill in the shoes of someone else.

My decision to start this CIO Assitant blog fulfills one of my goals, namely to help others maximize their potentials with the knowledge (and hopefully certain wisdom) that I have the good fortune to acquire over the years.  It’s by sharing and giving that I would in turn maximize my own potential. If you are interested in my services beyond this blog, please contact me at long.longitek@gmail.com. It will be my pleasure to help.



  1. Long,
    I couldn’t find an email address and wanted to personally thank you for your comment on my blog. It helps a great deal to know that you have struggled with the wound and that you are being a great father. I think I am succeeding as well but it is wonderful not to feel alone doing it.

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