CIO Mind’s Map

The sequential format of the blog is great for following the most recent posts. However, these posts also form a body of knowledge that could be beneficial to view together. The readers can use available means such as categories and tags to find the common threads across these articles (posts), but a more structured way to group them would provide some added insight into the CIO’s mind, hence the page title.

The articles are grouped into 3 major sections:

  • Personal Skills
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Strategies & Plans

New articles will be added but may not necessarily appear in chronological order.

Personal Skills

These articles address the developmental aspect of the CIO. As the IT Leader, he/she needs to build up and strengthen certain life skills such as decision-making or risk-taking under less than perfect conditions.

  • Rule of 3
  • Rule of 3 in action
  • The Rule, Part 1 – Bridging the Gap between Perception, Expectation and Reality
  • The Rule, Part 2 – Cultivate your Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence
  • The Rule, Part 3 – Maintain Harmony between Man, Heaven and Earth
  • Genius of AND, Tyranny of OR 
  • Magic Quadrant of Decision Making
  • Get Your Priorities Straight
  • Don’t Ass.U.Me, Make Assumptions

Roles & Responsibilities

These articles address the functional aspect of the CIO. The CIO must wear several hats and keeping them in sync in a holistic way is a worthy challenge for most.

Strategies & Plans

These articles address the executional or performance aspect of the CIO. Issues, priorities, decisions need to be made quickly and flawlessly on a daily basis but there are some overarching principles that would ensure success over the long run.


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